The person I love most 我最爱的人

初二英语作文 时间:2019-01-18 英语作文

  My mother is one of the most important persons for me in the world.

  When I was a little child,my mother was my sky. Kind and patient,she taught me everything,such as"What's flower","What's tree"... Body and soul it was her who bring me to this world.

  As each day went by,I grow up gradually,from crawling to walking. During this transfer,I fell again and again,which hit me a lot. Nonetheless whenever I thought about giving up,the spur from my mother came. "Cheer up! Your troubles will soon be overed! "or"Don't let it discourage you,try again!"... With these sentences which were saturated with encouragement,I overcame difficulties one after another.

  Now,there is a long distance between us because of my going to college. But all about where and when,I'll not forget her face,smile,as well as her encouraging words. I always know that I couldn't have got this achievement without her care and help. Finally,sincere thanks go to my mom.

  She will always be in my heart.