Busy to send off the final exam, full of joy to usher in the fall of the Spring Festival. Countless travel plans have been planned in mind.


  Who knows, at the end of December 19, I talked back to my classmates. At that time, I knew that SARS like virus had happened. I said half jokingly that the Internet is too exaggerated to be so serious. After we had fun with each other, we didn't pay attention.


  On January 20, I went to the supermarket and the vegetable market with my mother to buy all kinds of things for new year's products. On that day, all the people did not wear masks as before. I did not know that the epidemic would be so fierce behind us. I felt that it was too far away from us. There are fewer and fewer cars on the road. My father said with emotion that it's so cold not to go home this new year. I joked, otherwise, we will drive back on the first day of the new year and surprise grandma!


  On January 22, my mother and I began to work in the kitchen. At this time, my cousin, who went back to my hometown for the new year, sent me a wechat message, telling me that the epidemic was very serious, and it was estimated that Wuhan would be closed. I was stunned for a long time, then I replied to her, don't run around at home, and don't go downtown. Put down the matter in hand, quickly dial grandma's phone, emphasize again and again, don't go out, don't go in


  On January 23, it was seen on TV that Wuhan was really closed. I feel uneasy about doing anything at home. I called my grandmother several times and told her not to go out. I also sent wechat to the students in Wuhan to inquire about the situation. I learned that everything was ok with them, and I was just a little calm. Since that day, TV has been the main source of my understanding of the real situation of the epidemic. The number is increasing faster and faster, and more and more, and my uneasy heart begins to hang again. I can't do anything. I pray in my heart that my hometown will be better soon.


  Wuhan, this city, is strange to me. Although Yichang and Wuhan are not far apart, and though they must pass by every time they go home, they never approach it. I only know the Yellow Crane Tower, and I always want to see it. What kind of building is it, which makes many ancient poets love it? There are so many well-known poems left: "the old man said goodbye to the Yellow Crane Tower in the west, and the fireworks came to Yangzhou in March." "In the past, people have become yellow cranes. There is no yellow crane tower here. Once the yellow crane is gone, it will never return. The white clouds have been empty for thousands of years." www.zuowenla.cn


  On January 24, many counties and cities around Wuhan were closed. I secretly prayed that Yichang would not add any more outbreaks. Pick up the phone, confirm with grandma again, and tell her not to visit New Year's Eve again. Grandma told me that the roads in the village and in the town have been sealed with big stones one after another. The cadres in the village knock on the door and tell them not to go out, not to visit. Thank the government for thinking so thoughtful!


  On the afternoon of January 24, a classmate who went home for the spring festival called to say that she could not return to Kunshan at present because the train station, bus station and plane were all closed. Because her family lives in the mountain, surrounded by mountains, and there are few neighbors, the air is relatively


  On January 25, Zhangpu Environmental Protection Bureau called us to ask if we were healthy? Did you go home for the new year? Do you have any friends back home? After filling out the form, he apologized. Please understand the special period. On January 26, the school head teacher sent a message asking about the situation? On January 27, Zhang Pu police station also called to inquire? On January 28, the police station called again to confirm that we all replied one by one and cooperated actively. I know that the epidemic is not just a matter of one person. Behind this, thousands of heroes left their homes and went to the front line to protect everyone's safety. https://m.zuowenla.cn

  每天都看新闻1+1、共同关注和战疫情特别报道,对数字从不敏感的我,每看一次,揪心一次,百度里的小视频,特别让我感动。有一晚,武汉市民打开窗户唱国歌,喊武汉加油,那里面稚嫩的童音,沙哑的喊声,让我红了眼眶,武汉加油!湖北加油!生我养我的家乡一定可以过关的!如同钟院士说的那样:武汉是一个英雄的城市, 它一定会好起来的。谢谢您对武汉的肯定,也谢谢您不辞辛苦的付出。哪有什么岁月静好,只不过是一群比我稍大的哥哥姐姐换上白大褂,学着前辈的样子,做着他们的工作。一个个感动故事的背后,都是一份责任,一份使命,和一份守护!向你们致敬!希望疫情快点结束,好让辛苦的人儿都舒舒服服的睡个好觉吧。

  Every day I watch news 1 + 1, special report of common concern and war epidemic situation. I am not sensitive to the number. Every time I watch and worry about it, I am particularly touched by the small video in Baidu. One night, Wuhan citizens opened their windows to sing the national anthem and shouted "come on, Wuhan". The childish voice and hoarse shouting made my eyes red. Come on, Wuhan! Come on Hubei! My hometown must be able to pass the customs! As academician Zhong said: Wuhan is a heroic city, it will be better. Thank you for your affirmation of Wuhan and your painstaking efforts. It's just that a group of elder brothers and sisters, who are older than me, put on white coats, learn from their predecessors and do their work. Behind each moving story is a responsibility, a mission, and a guardian! Salute to you! I hope the epidemic will come to an end soon, so that all the hard-working people can have a good sleep.


  On the way to the epidemic, we are all working hard! Thank those lovely people! Thank those who stick to their posts! Thank you for your silent support! Fight the epidemic, we have been together!