高一英语作文 时间:2019-12-10 英语作文


  At all times and in all over the world, how many heroes, how many people with lofty ideals, strive for the country, and strive for the country!


  Everyone is familiar with Yuefei, a famous general of the Southern Song Dynasty who fought against the Jin Dynasty. He remembered his mother's motto "serve the country with loyalty" and led Yuejiajun's army to gallop on the battlefield, awe the enemy's courage and repel the enemy's successive attacks with the heroic ambition of "eating the meat of the wild animals with hunger and laughing about thirsty for the blood of the Huns". At the end of the Southern Song Dynasty, when the mountains and rivers of the Song Dynasty collapsed, Wen Tianxiang rose to defend the country and was captured because he was outnumbered. He wrote down the heroic poem "who has not died since ancient times in life, and keeps his heart in history", expressing his patriotic feelings and determination to die unyielding.


  Let's see, from Dong Cunrui in the war of liberation to Huang Jiguang and Qiu Shaoyun in the war of resistance against the United States and aid Korea, from the heroes who died in the war of counterattack in self-defense against Vietnam to Lei Feng and Wang Jie on the way to the new Long March, which of them did not sparkle the gleam of patriotism?


  In March 74 years ago, another national hero in China, Li Yunpeng, disappeared over time. He was accompanied by 81 Company soldiers from the battalion of the 3rd Division brigade-19th regiment of the New Fourth Army. Although they have gone, they will live in China forever. They are honored because they died for the sake of the party, the country and the independence of the whole nation. So, they are our model.


  As the saying goes, "everyone is responsible for the rise and fall of a country." On the battlefield, there are not only the Red Army soldiers who killed the enemy in the Anti Japanese War, but also the doctors who helped the wounded and the dead in the rear, as well as the Patriots of the famous Chinese people. When the country is facing a crisis, the Chinese nation will always hold tightly together to fight against foreign enemies and protect the family and the garden.


  In the year when Japan invaded China in an all-round way, the Kuomintang and the Communist Party were still fighting against each other. Patriots Zhang Xueliang and Yang Hucheng joined hands with the Communist Party to fight against Japan and save China. Under the threat of life, Chiang agreed to resist Japan, but executed Yang Hucheng. Zhang Xueliang was released after the Anti Japanese War and the war of liberation. Later, when reporters interviewed him, "ask him if he regrets it." "I don't regret it," said Zhang Xueliang at the time. "If we don't, China will be dangerous and worth it." His expression at that time made all the Chinese people burst into tears.


  In today's society, teenagers should study hard. Premier Zhou Enlai once said, "study for the rise of China." In today's competitive international world, teenagers should study hard, cultivate after-school cultural knowledge and improve their ability of independent innovation. Only in this way can we show our own uniqueness in the competition of talents. If we want China to have more say in the world. It needs to be improved by teenagers. Teenagers are the pillar of a country and the future of a nation. Therefore, teenagers need to be more self reliant and contribute their own strength to the motherland.


  There are five thousand years of Chinese civilization. In the long history, many dynasties rise and fall for various reasons. China should learn from this and strive for self-improvement. Therefore, no matter how big a crisis China faces, it should have a patriotic heart of unity, mutual assistance and endeavor. It is with the concerted efforts of the vast majority of Chinese compatriots that the Chinese nation can have today. Let's bear in mind history, national humiliation, and national humiliation. Learn from the heroes who died for the Chinese nation and revitalize China.