The sunset is gentle; the sunset is slow; the sunset is reluctant; the sunset is beautiful and quiet I like to read the beauty of sunset greedily. (a "greed" is enough to see the author's yearning and love for sunset. The opening of the first section brings us into a poetic world. Aren't these just the characteristics of sunset, such as "soft", "slow", "reluctant" and "beautiful and quiet"? Sunset is a poem and a person in the author's works. )


  Sitting on the ridge of my hometown, I hold my chin and quietly look at the sky in the distance. In the sky, the sun, tired for a day, will also rest. It will slowly cover its quilt, and the light will not be so dazzling, but become soft. All of a sudden, a cloud in the sky covered part of the sun, as if it was covered with a cloak that drifted with the wind. But it doesn't seem to want it. It tries to get rid of its "obstructing" clothes. (the young author likes to use the rhetorical devices of metaphor very much, which is quite appropriate. Look, the cloud has become a cloak. What an image. )


  Finally, it succeeded!


  However, there are some big clouds slowly moving towards it. This time, it can't get rid of them. So, it playfully poked a little cloud, stretched out its head, looked left and right in its eyes, and wanted to see the world before falling asleep. It sits on the clouds, commands them, and gradually flies to the horizon. The sun sits on the cloud chair like fairyland, enjoying and looking around the world it once illuminated. Now, only a small half of the glow is left, just like the dog eating the moon, disappearing in the western sky little by little. (in this paragraph, changes are written, so that these changes are really displayed in front of our eyes. Once the scenery changes, it will have vitality.)


  Oh, the sunset is like a pretty dancer, showing her style in the misty clouds; the sunset is like an extravagant emperor, listening to the beautiful melody in the splendor; the sunset is like a clean jade plate, radiating its light in the sea of clouds; the sunset is like a flowing silk towel, swimming freely in the wind and rain Sunset, how changeable you are. Ah, I am dazzled by the radiance and convergence. (coldly, the pretty dancers are on the stage. This section is the most colorful chapter of the full text. A series of parallelism makes people dazzled; fantastic imagination makes people think a lot.)


  Inadvertently, I recited a famous poem from Li Shangyin, a poet of the Tang Dynasty: the feeling of being late is not suitable/


  Driving to Guyuan / the setting sun is infinitely good / just near dusk. What a good poem! Look at the sunset in the past and the present. I've already put on rouge. I'm going to another grand dance (in the end, ending with poems and echoing back and forth make sunset more poetic. She really loves sunset, so she can write such a dreamlike sunset. I believe we all want to see the sunset in the sky after reading


  I also saw Yuanmingyuan for the first time. I went with my grandma one summer when I was a child. It's the garden of a eldest brother, full of ruins. The rubbles covered in weeds are carved with pretty patterns; some thick stone pillars stand upright It's just a ruin. There is nothing beautiful here, but I don't understand how so many people come here.


  After many years, now, I see you again - according to the old Yuanmingyuan. Stepping into the gate, dun has a sense of stepping into the historical traces. The most striking is the incomplete but still standing stone pillars. From the patterns carved on the pillars, I can see the magnificent halls; from the black marks on the stone walls, I can smell the long-lasting smoke and fire. I reached out my hand and touched her, as if I heard a painful statement. She took me to the 150 years ago when the fireworks were all over the sky: a group of robbers broke into the garden, and they saw so many treasures, just like hungry wolves, and they robbed them crazily. All that can be taken away, and all that can't be taken away will be destroyed. A fire has been burning for three days and three nights, so a world treasure garden will lose its unique luster.


  This garden also seems to be telling about the incompetence of the Qing government, a shameful modern history of being slaughtered by others; the hidden pain of the Chinese people has been uncovered here again and again


  There are many pines and cypresses planted in the garden. They are very inspiring.


  There are many visitors here. An old man with grey hair stared at the stone wall under his feet and fell into deep thought. His weathered face reflects the history of Yuanmingyuan for a hundred and ten years. What history leaves us modern people is infinite power and firm belief. If China wants to be strong, a strong China will not be arbitrarily bullied. As the Yuanmingyuan of history, it leaves us a lot of thinking.