used to / be used to

一般过去时 时间:2019-03-14 英语作文

  1.used to可看作一个半助动词或情态动词,其后跟动词原形,表示过去的习惯或经常发生的动作,例如:

  When he was a child, he used to ask lots of questions.

  I want to know the places (that/which) he used to go to.

  否定式为:used not to(书面语), use(d)n’t to(口语), didn’t use to(口语)

  疑问式为:Used sb to …?(书面语), Did sb use to …?(口语)

  反意疑问句式为:use(d)n’t sb? (书面语) didn’t sb? (口语) used to = get used to 都是一个固定的结构,意思为:习惯于某事或做某事的意思,to为介词,后接名词或动名词,不能跟动词原形,例如:

  We are used to the weather in the south of China.

  They have got used to getting up early in the morning.

  be used to的各种形式变化如下:

  疑问式为:Be(具体形式) sb ….? 否定式为:sb be(具体形式) not …

  反意疑问式为:be(具体形式) not sb? (be作为系动词看待)

  get used to的各种形式变化如下:

  疑问式为:Do/Does/Did sb get …? 否定式为:sb does/do/did not get …

  反意疑问式为:do/does/did not sb? (get作为行为动词看待) used to + Verb或as/for接名词,表示某东西被用来作某事或当什么东西来使用,是一个被动语态的结构,例如:

  This knife is usually used to cut fruit.

  This magazine was used as a fan last night because of the hot weather.

  Blooms are used for cleaning the floor when we do general cleaning.


  注意used to与would的区别:

  (1).used to重在表示与现在的对比,含“过去曾经/一度,现在未必”之意;would重在叙述过去的情况,没有上述含义。如可以说:

  He used to get up early, but not now. 但不说:He would get up early, but …

  (2).used to可以表示过去习惯或经常的状态;would不能,它只能表示过去的一个经常重复的动作,如可以说:

  There used to be a temple nearby. 但不能说:There would be …

  (3).used to较正规、普通,多用于口语;would不太正规、多用于书面语。

  (4).两者都不能用于表示某事发生的具体次数。但would可表示过去有时或偶尔发生的动作,因而可与sometimes, now and then, from time to time等时间状语连用,例如:

  He would sit there for hours sometimes, doing nothing at all.

  补充练习:用used to, be/get used to填空:

  1.I am surprised to see you smoking; you didn’t _______________ .

  2.There ________________ be a station here, didn’t there?

  3.He ______________ living in the country.

  4.This book _____________________ be very popular.

  5.It _________ not ___________ be so cold in winter in former years.

  6.I _______________ these cigarettes now that I can’t enjoy any others.

  7.People ____________________ think that the earth was flat.

  8.__________ you ______________ swim every day when you were children?

  9.It’s hard to understand him if you _________ not _____________ their accent.

  10. He __________ not ___________ being treated like that.

  11. Dictionary can’t ___________________ to learn English well in class but __________________ a tool to help you with your English.

  12. Recorders ________________ for playing tapes in the English class now.

  Key: 1. use to 2. used to 3. (has) got/is/was used to 4. used to 5. used, to/did, use to 6. am used to/ have been/got used to 7. used to 8. Used, to/Did, use to 9. are, used to/do, get used to

  10. is, used t/does, get used to 11. be used, (can be used) as 12. are used (有的答案不止一个)