"The moon rises from the Tianshan Mountains and the vast sea of clouds." In the Mid Autumn Festival, the unique taste and sweetness are indispensable.


  When the Mid Autumn Festival comes, the whole town is full of happy days and the streets are lit with red lanterns. The red ones are like New Year's day. The old and the young, as long as they are free, rush to the streets.


  Children playing lantern, excitedly running around, the most favorite is to guess riddles. There are also special competitions in the community. A row of lanterns are hung on the square. No matter children or adults, they are scrambling for them. You won't let me, I won't let you. It's very lucky to get the simple one. It's easy to win a lantern. If you get complicated ones, you will scratch your ears and face. Maybe you haven't seen them for a long time, so you come here. Although I don't know how to guess, I still like to discuss with others. In the square, whether we know each other or not, we are discussing together. Everyone is happy when we get the right answer. Sometimes we can hear bursts of applause. The square is full of happy laughter. Although the mid autumn autumn wind is cool, it makes people warm.


  In addition to the Mid Autumn Festival noisy, but also rich in literary atmosphere, eat a piece of moon cake to enjoy the moon, and then sing a mid autumn poem. My favorite is to sit on the balcony and enjoy the moon. I like to move a chair quietly and sit on the balcony with a box of moon cakes. Listen, cicada sends off summer with singing, and is about to end the short life journey and send the last hymn to the golden autumn. Smell, osmanthus begins to fragrance, light, not rich, but indicates that autumn has arrived. Look, the moon is high in the night sky, branches, roofs, all sprinkled with a thin layer of moonlight www.zuowenla.cn

  中秋的月亮一出场,使得旁边的星星都黯然失色了。我努力地从云彩间辨认北极 星,却只是徒劳无功。只有月亮皎洁的如银盘,静静地挂在天上。千百年来,照亮了人间,也目睹了人间的悲欢离合。那月亮是李白口中的白月盘,是李商隐诗中的嫦娥,是苏轼杯中的婵娟……月亮是一切美好的象征,更是一份思念,一份寄托,承载着人间浓浓的情谊与眷恋。月儿明,风儿轻,我不禁想起了以前养过的牧羊犬,在一起玩耍的时光是多么美好,想起了老家的爷爷,用苍老的声音给我读诗……月是多情的,储存着世间的美好。

  As soon as the Mid-Autumn moon appears, the stars nearby are all dimmed. I tried to identify Polaris from the clouds in vain. Only the moon is as white as a silver plate, hanging quietly in the sky. For thousands of years, it has illuminated the world and witnessed the vicissitudes of human life. That moon is the white moon in Li Bai's mouth, Chang'e in Li Shangyin's poems, and Chan Juan in Sushi's Cup The moon is a symbol of all good things, but also a yearning, a sustenance, bearing a strong human friendship and sentimentality. The moon is bright and the wind is light. I can't help but think of the shepherd dogs I used to keep. How nice it was to play together. I think of my grandfather. I read poems to me in the voice of the old The moon is sentimental, storing the beauty of the world.


  Mid Autumn Festival has another taste, that is moon cake. It's not easy to eat a mooncake when I was a child. It's one piece all the year round. When I eat it, I have to put a candle in the middle. It's as solemn as a birthday. Now it's so common to eat moon cakes. I can eat them at ordinary times. I'm the only one left in my family who will eat moon cakes in the Mid Autumn Festival. This sticky and crisp feeling always reminds me of my childhood, and also reminds me of the time Chang'e spent in the Moon Palace. Is Chang'e not lonely on the moon alone? Become a star of family in the sky, not lonely? So every time I eat mooncakes, I secretly leave a copy on the balcony, and give it to the lonely ones. I hope they can also get together and be happy.


  The fun of Mid Autumn Festival is lively; the taste of Mid Autumn Festival is sweet and happy.